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January 31, 2009

ADDANAC CITY 10/29/08 Video Vexing

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AC 89

This is another fan-favorite and one of my personal faves. In this strip, Hank and his dad go to their local video store in attempts of finding the perfect set of movies to rent. As all of us family-folk know, there’s a struggle to find videos that we and the children both can watch. It’s hard to locate a family-movie (PG) that will satisfy grown-up tastes as well as kids’ palates. I think we end up getting the good stuff for ourselves and foisting some dredge on our kids (although the kids’ selection has improved remarkably within the past ten years).

As for myself, I LOVED Superbad. I dunno if I wanna let my children watch it. Coincidentally, they have already seen it because they begged their mom to rent it for them and she had no clue how outrageous it was. Lucky tots (therapy has already been scheduled).

That reminded me of the old days when my family first got a VCR. My parents had no idea that videos had ratings, and that so long as I found a movie that would keep me outta their hair for 90 minutes, they were cool. As a Hank-like adolescent, I took full advantage of that. I rented all of the R-rated stuff, mostly comedies and action flicks. I had a ball watching my lil’ disgusting videos, my parents none the wiser. One of my favorite movie series when I was a kid was “Porky’s”. Those movies totally helped warp my tender, young mind (thanks, guys!). Nowadays, however, movies like Porky’s seem rather tame in comparison to what’s out now. So, I thought it would sorta be fun to have Hank’s dad tell him to pick out one of the classics. Usually, that’s a safe bet. Hahaha! Not this time.

And for those of you who liked Porky’s and films featuring crazy high-school debauchery, please check out Superbad.

January 30, 2009

ADDANAC CITY 11/11/08 Where Do Babies Come From?

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AC 57

Hank’s dad catches the onslaught of most of Hank’s questions regarding life. Usually, Hank’s long list of inquiries grows irritating to dear ol’ dad, but in this strip, Pop decides to have a bit of fun with his only son.

Hank doesn’t ever seem to have both oars in the water, but the answers to this series of questioning will really have his head spinning. Dad’s gonna have a lot to answer for when Hank becomes a teenager.

January 28, 2009

ADDANAC CITY 9/03/08 Hank & His Report Card


This is one of my early strip favorites. When I started this revamp of ADDANAC CITY (the first incarnation came out in late 1994), Hank was never intended to be the epitome of a model student. He didn’t pay attention in class, he sassed his teachers, and he antagonized his principal. As a result, he received extremely pitiful grades. Christie, who is Hank’s arch-nemesis, always seems to be at the top of her class. She studies, she takes notes. Heck, she even goes for the extra-credit, thus blowing the curve.

So, needless to say, when Report Card Day arrives, Hank and Christie are at opposite ends of the educational spectrum. She loves to tease Hank about his poor marks and she especially vexes him by describing his parents’ outraged reaction. I like how this strip came out. It’s a fan-favorite, too. Most readers like the multiple ha-ha’s in this one.

I’ll be diggin’ in the crates and pulling out some of the other “platinum hits” and explaining their creations. If you have any personal faves from the official website, let me know, and I’ll post up a lil’ behind-the-scenes special on ’em. Until then, keep enjoying Hank and the rest of the gang in Addanac City.

January 27, 2009

ADDANAC CITY 1/27/09 It Wasn’t Me!

AC 159

1-27-09~ I spent most of this morning checking out Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich’s TV interviews. This guy’s not going down without a fight. I respect his tenacity and I admire his “stick-to-it-iveness”. In fact, he reminds me a lot of our boy, Hank. Right or wrong, innocent or guilty, Hank is gonna defend himself to the bitter end. Ya gotta love that. So, I figured that who better to co-star in this particular “It wasn’t me” comic than the good ol’ guhvna? I got a kick outta this one, and I hope that you will, too.

January 26, 2009

ADDANAC CITY 9/23/08 School Pictures

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I had a lotta fun with this strip! I remember how much of a big deal my mom used to make out of School Picture Day. I wish I had the nerve Hank has. I guess he figures that if he’s gotta get all dressed up for pictures, then he’s gonna make it interesting (for himself, at least). I really wish I could have seen his mother’s face when those pics came in. This was one of the first one-panel strips in the series. I figured this lil’ story could be told without 4-panels. I didn’t get lazy, trust me. 🙂

January 25, 2009

ADDANAC CITY 1/23/09 All Pets Are off

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AC 149

1-23-09~ Hank doesn’t have a very good history with pets. A few months ago, he had a hamster that resulted disastrously as he neglected to feed it. Every kid wants a pet, though, but some kids just cannot handle the huge responsibility. Hank’s one of those kids who can barely remember to feed himself. If it wasn’t for his parents and the school cafeteria, Hank would probably starve.
When I was a kid, I mostly had dogs for pets. I had a few Doberman Pinschers and a German Shepherd. I sure miss those guys. This strip’s dedicated to them. And to my pet cactus, Dusty. 🙂

ADDANAC CITY 1/22/09 The Tooth Shall Set You Free

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AC 145

1-22-09~ One question that I get a lot is “What’s up with Hank and that one snaggly tooth?”. I dunno. It just gives him a little character, I think. Anyway, that sparked an idea for a comic strip. What if that sole tooth was loose or something? And what happened to his other teeth? Who better to co-star in this strip than our other favorite second-grader: Christie. She and Hank constantly bicker, so deciding what to do with his loose tooth should make for funny comedy. I like it when these two get together ‘cuz it seems like the strip just writes itself.

January 24, 2009

ADDANAC CITY 1/21/09 This is Thriller night! Right?

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AC 144

1-21-09~ I was a huge Michael Jackson fan when I was a boy about a million years ago, especially during his Thriller album-era. He was everywhere. I was talking to some kids a while back, and I became especially disconcerted because they really had no idea who Michael Jackson was, nor did they see what the big deal was about him. I quizzed them about such joys as “Sanford and Son”, Prince, and “Diff’rent Strokes” only to receive blank stares and replies such as “Isn’t that on Nick At Nite?”. Ahhh, this strip made me sentimental fer the good ol’ days. 🙂

ADDANAC CITY 1/20/09 Snitch & Moan

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AC 150

1-20-09~ This strip denotes the first appearance of a new character in Addanac City. This kid’s name is Esteban Ruiz. I really want Addanac City to be a reflection of other cities around the country (even YOUR city, perhaps). In order to achieve this, I felt that I needed to represent citizens from all races, creeds, and walks of life. I didn’t want everybody to be just one nationality. Esteban is the first of many characters to come which will make Addanac City more well-blended. Hopefully, as the strip progresses, I’ll have quite a few characters of varying backgrounds.

ADDANAC CITY 1/19/09 Coyote Questions

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AC 148

1-19-09~ Most kids love watching cartoons, and Hank is no exception. The thing about Hank though, is that he doesn’t really think like other kids. He sees things in a different light and he has millions of questions to ask. The bad part is, the recipient of his many asinine questions is usually his poor ol’ dad. In today’s strip, Hank’s dad is not in the mood for twenty questions as he attempts to read his newspaper while fielding Hank’s inquiries regarding a famous Looney Tunes character. Parents, aren’t you glad your kids are nothing like Hank? 🙂

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