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March 15, 2009

When I’m not drawing ADDANAC CITY…pt. 2

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george-fords-serving-tray-2I get commisioned every now and then to work on other artistic pieces. A gentleman from the South Boston Museum of Fine Arts contacted me with a request that I contribute something for the annual Tobacco Festival. They wanted to get several artists in my community to paint/decorate these wooden serving trays. The only stipulation was that the trays had to be designed with something that would commemorate the town’s tobacco heritage.

I put aside my ADDANAC CITY comic strip for a few hours and created this piece. I wanted to design something original that still existed within the confines of the theme. I knew that there were, at least, twenty other artists doing the same thing, so I knew that I had some pretty healthy competition. I opted to commemorate tobacco heritage by visually telling the story of how tobacco history is passed down from one generation to the next. I imagined an older gentleman (perhaps a grandfather) showing a tobacco leaf to his young granddaughter. I chose acrylics in which to paint my scene (no fuss, no muss). Below is an enlargement of the design. Yeah, yeah…I know…the girl looks like “Wendy”. I didn’t intend for her to resemble the fast-food icon, but maybe my subconscious was hungry or something.


My serving tray was auctioned off at the Tobacco Ball that they held in September of ’08. It fetched a relatively hefty bid, as did the other artists’ contributions. I enjoyed working on it, and I’m glad I took pics before it got out of my hands. What do you think of it?

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