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March 15, 2009

When I’m not drawing ADDANAC CITY…pt. 2

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george-fords-serving-tray-2I get commisioned every now and then to work on other artistic pieces. A gentleman from the South Boston Museum of Fine Arts contacted me with a request that I contribute something for the annual Tobacco Festival. They wanted to get several artists in my community to paint/decorate these wooden serving trays. The only stipulation was that the trays had to be designed with something that would commemorate the town’s tobacco heritage.

I put aside my ADDANAC CITY comic strip for a few hours and created this piece. I wanted to design something original that still existed within the confines of the theme. I knew that there were, at least, twenty other artists doing the same thing, so I knew that I had some pretty healthy competition. I opted to commemorate tobacco heritage by visually telling the story of how tobacco history is passed down from one generation to the next. I imagined an older gentleman (perhaps a grandfather) showing a tobacco leaf to his young granddaughter. I chose acrylics in which to paint my scene (no fuss, no muss). Below is an enlargement of the design. Yeah, yeah…I know…the girl looks like “Wendy”. I didn’t intend for her to resemble the fast-food icon, but maybe my subconscious was hungry or something.


My serving tray was auctioned off at the Tobacco Ball that they held in September of ’08. It fetched a relatively hefty bid, as did the other artists’ contributions. I enjoyed working on it, and I’m glad I took pics before it got out of my hands. What do you think of it?

January 24, 2009

ADDANAC CITY 1/18/09 The Best De-Fence

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AC 119

1-18-09~ Hank’s his own man. That much you can be sure of. So, needless to say, he really hates it when anyone tells him what to do. Especially Christie Anderson, his arch-nemesis. Every now and then, Hank rants and raves about his rights and he works hard to make sure he gets what he’s got coming to him. In this strip, he definitely gets what he’s asking for. When will our boy ever learn? It doesn’t look like it’ll be today. The idea for this strip came from me when I was a kid and I was quick to grab a chair before anyone else got it. I wish I hadda known it was just painted. 🙂

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