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December 8, 2008

Hank writes Santa (12/08/08)

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AC 124

I always got a kick outta this strip. I originally came up with the idea in ’95 when I used to draw ADDANAC CITY for my local newspaper.

Hank and Christie have always had a somewhat volatile relationship. They get along, but only in short spurts (sorta like a marriage, huh?). I just thought this would be a good way to represent their dynamics.

I intend on posting quite a few Christmas-themed strips throughout this month. The holidays was always a favorite time of mine as a kid and I want to bring some of that feeling back to my comic. I was constantly entertained by the various Christmas specials that came on television (Charlie Brown, Rudolph, etc…). So, of course, you know I’m gonna do a double-size ADDANAC CITY Christmas Special on the 25th. You’ll be there, right?

December 5, 2008

Friday, December 5, 2008 AC Comic

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Hello, everyone! Welcome to my first ADDANAC CITY blog. I’ll be using this space here to do a lil’ in-depth explanation on what prompted me to create certain comic strips and where I got some of the ideas from.

I may not do this for every strip, but I probably will for any of the comics that have a neat behind-the-scenes story. The reason why? Cuz I love the Special Features on dvd’s and this is sorta gonna be like that.

Awright….here goes….

Today’s strip is one of the first batch of Christmas-themed ADDANAC CITY comics. I wanted to showcase Hank’s penchant for misbehaving (he IS this generation’s DENNIS THE MENACE after all). However, this is the wrong season to in which to exhibit behavioral problems. Santa’s watchin’, y’know? So, in this strip Hank tries to call his babysitter’s bluff.

Little does he know….. 🙂

Go to to read the strip. It’s also in the Comics Archives for 12-05-08.

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